Globe Valves


Our constant endeavor to improve and enhance our products through research and development has lead to our recent achievement – Zero Leak Valves – a unique range of values with an incomparable advantage for the end user. This is our first step in the direction of being an environment friendly organization. We help our customers by helping them save energy.

We have developed a valve with a specialised unique American Gland packing which is non asbestos, preloaded, self-moulding, which takes the shape of the valve stem and retains it at all times. It is compatible with most chemicals and works with the same efficiency at very high temperature (400oC) and pressure (1500 psi).

This gland packing has unlimited shell life and needs no cooling. It has a special grease which provides for easy rotation of the stem and does not decompose at high temperatures.

AEW GATE/GLOBE valves are guaranteed to prevent leaks of all kinds thus, saving money, material maintenance, down time and replacement expense.