Emergency Vent


Emergency Vent

These vents act for secondary relief, an additional layer of protection in maintaining pressure and/or vacuum if breather valve installed on the storage systems fail to relieve sudden pressure buildup either because of heat generation due to abnormal conditions or exposure to fire may create excess internal pressure. And, normal venting through the valves may fail. These emergency vents ensure protection of storage systems against external pressure. These vents are manufactured in accordance with API 2000 & API 650 standards.

The seal tightness between the disc and seat would allow lift at required set pressure. Lifting of pallet also ensures minimum product and vapour loss from the storage systems.

Size: 200 NB to 800 NB


  1.  Body:  SS 304, SS 316, Hastelloy-C, PTFE Lined.
  2.  Nozzle:  SS 316.
  3.  Pallet:  SS 304, SS 316, Hastelloy-C.
  4.  Dead Weight:  The venting dead weight plate is assembled with a non-contact sealing material such as PTFE backed with soft cushion Neoprene rubber sheet.
  5. Guiding Rod with Nut:  SS 316.
  6.  Stopper Arm:  SS 316.
  7.  Locking Nut:  Stainless Steel.
  8.  Stud:  M.S Zinc Plated, ASTM A 193 B7/B8, A 351 CF8/CF8M.

Calibration of these vents can be done after calibration of breather valve or in parallel to breather valve venting if the vapour or gases are not of hazardous.

All products are designed, manufactured, tested thoroughly for best results.

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